Route Accounting Systems

Use a Beverage Route Accounting System That’s Tailored to Your Business

If you’re managing beverage distribution for a mobile fleet, it’s easy to find a beverage route accounting system that keeps track of inventory, billing, and sales history. But if you’re spending countless hours trying to customize your system to the way you work, you’re diverting resources away from more valuable activities, such as customer service, marketing, and financial planning. That’s why you need a system that’s already tailored to your business.

The Sixpak® Beverage Route Accounting System from Software Systems Solutions is the only solution that’s designed to adapt to your exact business model. Whether you’re running a small local distributorship or a massive, multi-state conglomerate, our staff of programmers will make sure your solution is an exact match for your unique situation.

Maximize Profits, Minimize Costs

Get more from your beverage route accounting system. Sixpak delivers all the core functionality your mobile team will need to provide fast, accurate customer service.

Features Include

  • Order entry
  • Truck reconciliation
  • Inventory management
  • Sales reporting
  • Accounts receivable
  • Credit management
  • Case- and unit-level tracking
  • Support for supplier reporting systems and EDI interfaces
Expand Your Possibilities

Let your mobile sales reps work the way they want to work. Sixpak integrates with various commonly used mobile order entry platforms, including:

  • Anheuser-Busch Mobility
  • Highjump Virtual Cooler
  • Highjump Pocket Cooler
  • Inventiv Pocket Advantage

We can also build custom interfaces for any other mobile order entry platform your organization uses. In addition, Sixpak provides a seamless business user experience by interfacing with popular software components such as:

  • WMSI Wizard
  • JD Edwards Accounting Software
Chart Your Business Growth

Track your progress towards your business goals with Sixpak’s built-in reporting capabilities. SSS Diver is a business intelligence solution that enables you to:

  • View your business data in high definition.
  • Perform in-depth sales inquiries.
  • Zero in on specific scenarios and business functions.
  • Design and save your own reports.
  • Use dashboards to get one-click access to your most important data.
Get Personalized Service, Not Empty Promises

Most software providers strive to provide good service, but lack the commitment or resources to execute. Software Systems Solutions actually delivers.

As our client, you’ll be able to count on personalized service 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We offer service levels far beyond what you would normally receive from the help desk of a much larger company. Why? Because making personal connections and forming lasting relationships has always been the foundation of our business.

Get More Information

Software Systems Solutions is ready to handle the complex business needs other vendors can’t manage. Learn more about how we can deliver a beverage distribution accounting solution that’s tailored to your needs. Call (860) 659-2079 for your free consultation.